For an introduction to my approach, I recommend watching my Business of Software conference talk Rock Solid Testing Without Hiring an Army.

Long-term solutions

My goal is to equip your teams with the skills and the tools that they need to implement a sophisticated and scalable solution to your development, test, and release process.

I believe in the importance of sustainable engineering practices. That’s why, rather than doing all of the work for your teams, I guide and train your team leads in scalable, safe approaches to software engineering so that they can continue to drive these practices long after I’ve completed my contract.

In order to deliver the best value for your organization, I train your teams to design and run infrastructure projects themselves. This way the knowledge stays within the team, and I am able to effectively manage projects across multiple teams at the same time – creating fast results.

How I work

I start with a few weeks assessing the needs of each team in your organisation by gathering data from your technical leads, and examining your system’s architecture, design and goals. Then I build a scalable test and release strategy based on the needs and limitations of your organization and product. As part of this strategy, I design a roadmap to lead your teams towards the overall vision.

The roadmap typically includes the following tasks:

  • Proposal for tools to increase developer productivity, including test, release and development tools, e.g. continuous integration, data seeding, cross-device testing
  • Proposal for tools to increase transparency throughout the development cycle, both to developers and stakeholders, e.g. dashboards, test suites, warnings
  • Recommendations for refactoring, and a safe approach
  • Best practices to increase engineering effectiveness within development teams
  • Training for developers, testers, business analysts, product managers and engineering managers
  • Hiring and performance criteria for developers and test engineers

For more information about my services, contact me directly for an assessment and quote.