Course prerequisites

In order to get the best value out of my training courses, you will need some prerequisite skills. Please don’t let this scare you off – the skills required are easy to learn online and I have provided resources below.

You will also need some basic hardware and software, detailed at the bottom of the page.

English speaking skill

This course is taught in English, so you will need to be fluent to follow the course material and interact with the instructor.

Basic Ruby Programming Skill

Example course:

For the best guide for the skills you will need for this course, follow my free online Ruby study materials. There are also many free and paid courses for learning Ruby available online that are easy to find.

Required skills:

You will need fundamental programming skills with the programming language Ruby. This includes:

  • Creating Variables
    • Local variables
    • Instance variables
  • Data
    • Strings
    • Numbers
    • Booleans
    • Ranges
    • Arrays
    • Operators And Expressions
  • Decisions
    • If Statements
  • Repetition
    • While Loops
    • Until Loops
    • Iterators Loops
    • For In And Each Loops
  • Methods
    • Defining methods
  • Objects
    • Working with objects

Basic command line skill

Example course:

For Windows (MS-DOS):

For Unix systems (e.g. MacOS):

Required skills:

You will need enough experience with a command line interface (MS-DOS if using Windows, otherwise Unix terminal) to be able to do the following:

  • Show working directory
  • Change directory
  • List files
  • Create a directory
  • Create a file
  • Run a program

Basic HTML and CSS knowledge

Example course:–ud001

Required skills:

You will need enough knowledge of HTML and CSS to be able to understand website page source.

  • HTML syntax
  • HTML tags
  • Tree structure format of HTML
  • CSS syntax
  • How CSS interacts with HTML

Hardware and Software requirements

  • Hardware:
    • A computer running either Windows, MacOS or Linux
    • Internet connection
  • Software:
    All software required is free. An installation guide will be provided.

    • A text editor for editing Ruby code, e.g. Visual Studio Code
    • Slack (can run in-browser)
    • Google Chrome browser
    • Ruby
    • Selenium WebDriver
  • Additional for online course:
    • A camera, speaker and a microphone for video conferencing
    • Zoom for video conferencing