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Hi, my name's Trish and I really like software. I believe creating software should be fast and low-stress. Allow me to help you.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Trish and I’m a technology consultant based in Brisbane, Australia. I like things to release more often and break less often.

Who I am

Fresh from managing an engineering team for Google Maps in Mountain View, California, I’ve returned home to Australia and made a new home in Brisbane. In the last 10 years I’ve built a solid reputation in test automation, productivity tools and risk mitigation for software projects.

Whether it’s software, artwork, stories or baked goods, I love to create. I make cool stuff, beautiful stuff, important stuff and just plain ridiculous stuff. When I’m not making stuff, I love to learn new things and make people laugh.

Check my blog to see what I’ve been doing lately.

My work

Would you like fast, reliable, stress-free software development releases? With my broad industry experience and deep technical skills, I can teach your team how to ship software like the best companies in the world.

As a consultant, I start by creating a comprehensive strategy that takes the full software development lifecycle into account. This includes requirements, development practices, testing, and release. I analyze the technical architecture to identify sources of technical debt and risk, streamline the build and release process, and introduce new processes. Then I provide technical infrastructure design, process documentation and training so that teams can easily adopt these new practices.

For an introduction to my approach, I recommend watching my Business of Software conference talk Rock Solid Testing Without Hiring an Army.

My passion for software quality and high-functioning teams has motivated me to found communities, create a podcast, publish articles, run workshops and speak at conferences all around the globe. You can find my full resume at LinkedIn.

I’d love to hear how I can help you. Get in touch and let’s make some time to chat.

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