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I help companies in Australia and around the world to solve testing, automation, and continuous delivery problems. I work both on-site and remotely to help you no matter where you are.

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The best developers test their code

I am always surprised at how many software developers I meet who are reluctant to write unit tests. Writing good tests is a crucial part of becoming an expert software developer. The best developers I know all consider writing unit tests a crucial part of software development. All of the most successful software companies consider […]

Automated test debugging cheat sheet

Are you having trouble working out why your automated tests are failing? The next time you find yourself stuck, try my automated test debugging cheat sheet. It lists the most common issues that affect automated end-to-end tests based on my decades of experience dealing with them. I hope it saves you from some headaches. Download […]

Great Books: Radical Candor and the Lost Art of Listening

My friend, mentee and fellow ex-Googler Paulo Lai joins me for this blog post today as we discuss some of the recent books we’ve read and liked. Paulo and I love to read non-fiction books about business, technology, and self-improvement and we’re always sharing book recommendations with each other via email. So we thought we’d […]

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