People most often hire me to help them with test automation and continuous delivery. That's because I am awesome at those things. I work both on-site and remotely to help you no matter where you are.

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Instead of keeping all the knowledge to myself, I like to share it with others through training. That way the world gets a little bit smarter, and software gets a little bit better. Check out what you can learn from me on my training website.

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I talk all the time, and sometimes people even pay me for it. Take a look at my past talks and keynotes to see what I get so excited about (spoiler: it's usually software testing).

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Foundations of Test Automation

Does Selenium web-drive you crazy? Do you want to make tests great again? Join me to learn how to write automated tests that don't make you want to cry. January 21-22, 2019. Brisbane, Australia.

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I already went to most of these events but I'm just going to leave this here for a while because dang, that was a lot of work!