Selenium for manual testers

Hey manual testers, here’s a handy tool for you – Selenium. And you don’t even have to be an automation guru to use it.

  1. Download Selenium, it’s free.
  2. Stop freaking out, you don’t actually have to learn the inner workings of Selenium, just use its most basic features.
  3. Give the record and playback a little test run. How easy is that?
  4. Wait until your team develops some annoying feature with ridiculously long steps like a payment or signup process, where you just want to verify that one little thing at the end of the process, but have to keep doing the same thing over and over to get there.
  5. Aha! You remember you have Selenium. Use Selenium to record the lengthy part of the test.
  6. Now every time you want to get to the important bit of your test, you just playback in Selenium and get on with the good stuff.

3 thoughts on “Selenium for manual testers

  1. I recorded a script to book flight from Site, but as I navigate to second page it will took some time, but in between this scripts failed while executing.

    how can i enter wait command in between two existing command.

  2. Hi Suresh, sorry I am not a Selenium expert. There is a lot of documentation at the Selenium website, you will probably find your answer there.

  3. Hey suresh,

    Follow these steps:

    1. First of all, while running the script on selenium IDE, run as slow as possible. You can see the speed bar on the IDE. Set it as very slow, and run.

    2. Use commands like: waitForPageToLoad

    like that….

    You will not get any problems further…. It will be fine…

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