Sydney tester meetup – Tuesday 21st September 2010 6.30pm

Marlena, James and I have been meeting up about once a week to drink beer and talk testing. It’s way fun, and sometimes educational! So if you’re a tester and you are in Sydney on Tuesday 21st September, then for Pete’s sake, come along and join us! It’s just an informal meetup to meet your local fellow testers and talk shop.

If there is enough interest, we can start organizing some more structured events, with talks, workshops, all that kind of funk. But if you don’t come along, how will I know you’re interested? The answer is: I won’t, so you’d better come along.

When: Tuesday 21st September 2010, 6.30pm
Where: Red Oak Brewery – 201 Clarence Street Sydney (map)
RSVP: Yes, no, maybe? Let me know here.