I’m moving to London

So, a couple of months ago I wrote a post about how determined I was to move to San Francisco.

Yeah, about that… :)

Well in the meantime I changed my mind. I had initially set my sights upon London, changed my mind briefly to San Francisco, wrote a blog post about it, and then changed my mind back to London. It was a tough choice, but I think it’s what I really wanted all along. And here we are – I’ll be moving to London in late August and I’m rather excited. :) It’s a one way ticket and I have no idea how long I’ll stay there. I just plan to enjoy myself and see where life takes me.

As for work, I’ll be joining the lovely folk over at Wildfire Interactive as a Senior QA Engineer.

I’ll miss Sydney and the rest of Australia, but I think the world’s not such a big place once you can tough out a 24hr plane trip. If you’re in Sydney, don’t miss my presentation next week at the Sydney Testers Meetup. It’ll be my last meetup, but the meetup group is being left in capable hands.

See you in some country, somewhere!

6 thoughts on “I’m moving to London

  1. Congratulations! I’m sad you won’t be in San Francisco, so close to us, but let’s face it, I’m more likely to get to London than Oz! In fact I will be in London in March for TestBash, I hope! It’s such a great testing & agile community there, you will love it and they will love you!

  2. Trish,

    As I said, you always wanted to go to London. ;)
    Good on you and all the best for your job in London.

    I am sure I will see you back here in Sydney saying about your exp at London.


  3. I love your sense of adventure, and like the butterfly wings beating, don’t under estimate how that sense will infect and seed many other adventurers out there, big or small. I have this feeling it’s going to really rock for you in London!


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