How I ended up working for Google this year

So, to recap my year briefly:

– Decided to move to London
Decided to move to San Francisco instead
Went to SF Agile and met some great people
Left Campaign Monitor
– Decided to move to London again
– Did a short stint as a Programme Test Manager at NBN Co which was rather eye-opening
– Joined Wildfire Interactive
– Wildfire Interactive was acquired by Google
Moved to London, started work at Wildfire Interactive as a Test Engineer which so far has been awesome
– Moved into amazing Google offices

So it’s been a pretty incredible year! I’ve learned so much and met some really amazing people. I’m really happy to be working with the Wildfire team in Google here in London and I look forward to what 2013 brings.

8 thoughts on “How I ended up working for Google this year

  1. Congrats. I hope you get a rich Google experience, and then divulge Google’s secrets to me. @dechimp #ontwitter #shameless

  2. A crazy year for you, Trish! Here’s hoping 2013 is a little more settled (or maybe not, if crazy is your sort of scene).

  3. Hey Trish, what a great year! Give my regards to Jack Chant if he’s still knocking about there. He’s an amazing Test Engineer/QA/ChilliVodka shot drinker. Best of luck with the new role, looking forward to future updates.

    – Richard

  4. Many Congratulations!!
    I know I am late on congratulate you (on this blog) but thanks to twitter I did that as it happened :D though I’ll admit that when you I first saw that you are have joined Wildfire Interactive it took me couple of minutes recall your journey. So yeah this post was kinda needed for testers like me how take inspiration from testers like you, so thanks for the post :)

    Have a great new time at google.


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