750 Tweets

So this was fun. While spending a rather hungover Sunday afternoon following Silicon Christmas, immobile on the couch and learning about Angular.js, I happened to tweet the following:

I received this reply:

I spent almost 750 words forming a semi-coherent answer, until I gave up and James gave me the answer:

To which I of course responded:

A short time later, James sent me a prezi which looked like this:


Inside the “O” was written:

A tweet has 140 characters which divided by 6 for average word length plus space gives about 23 words per tweet. But that will lead to hard to read text. So if we say an average of 18 words per tweet you can comfortably reach your goal in 42 tweets.

I was a little slow.

Of course I did. An hour and a half later, I got this:


4 thoughts on “750 Tweets

  1. I’m with @gradzislaw. I was highly entertained until I got to the statement that 42 is well-known to be the product of 5 and 9. I was waiting for a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference!

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