How I became a programmer

And now for something completely different.

Head on over to Medium to read my short tale of how I became a programmer. It was a truly spiritual journey, involving dancing squash.

I’m not 100% sure of why I wrote it on Medium instead of here. There’s just something about Medium that makes me want to write. Have a think about that one, WordPress.

2 thoughts on “How I became a programmer

  1. What a great story.
    I even checked out your old website.
    It was nostalgic for me as well…

    I never became a developer, though I played around with HTML in the days. I remember very well that excitement of copying and adjusting snippets of code found “out there”. While I took it in the design direction instead, after being a web designer for some years I then branched out into marketing (and online marketing…) and have now come full circle working as marketing manager at a software solution company. Funny how the dominoes fall. Anyway, great story. thank you for sharing.

  2. hi
    interesting tale. I always loved to be a programmer, but for some reason I never could. I tried a few times before but failed at the beginning. recently I started again, and I hope it works. maybe I couldn’t be a professional programmer ever, and maybe starting at 25 is late for this work, but I like to start, despite of the result.a few years later I like to write a post with title ” How I became a programmer ” :D

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