Ask me anything – Test Management

How do I get teams to meet their testing goals when I’m so busy putting out fires all day? How do I convince management to change the testing culture within a development team? How do I motivate my team to improve their skills?

If you’d like to know the answers to questions like this, join me for my free upcoming AMA (ask me anything) hosted by Ministry of Testing. This webinar will be held on Tuesday 6th February (London time, GMT+0:00 – that’s the following morning for us Aussies!). Once you’ve registered for the event you’ll get a chance to register and upvote questions in advance of the live webinar.

The theme is Test Management, but you really can feel free to ask me anything. I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by some of the best (award winning) engineering managers at Google. As well as my past experience as a Test Engineering Manager at Google, I’ve also been a Test Manager for NBNCo, Campaign Monitor and Salmat. I currently coach Test Managers and other engineering managers as part of my work as a consultant.

You can register (free) for the online event here:

Ministry of Test AMA with Trish Khoo
Tuesday 6th February 20:00PM GMT+0:00 (which is Wednesday 7th February morning in Australia)