Performance testing in automated functional testing

My colleague and I currently have no “proper” functional performance testing tools, and there are no immediate plans to purchase any. So instead, we’ve been working on a little side project to get Rational Functional Tester to generate performance testing results while it’s doing its usual functional testing.

We were originally using the logInfo() method, but then realised that it would be a pain to extract the performance times out of the usual RFT log file. So in the end, we came up with this:

Important notes:

It will output a comma delimited file that you can open in excel for easy reporting. For example, each line will look like:
Tue Jun 24 14:10:28 EST 2008, Logging In, 2.5

We haven’t managed to get the waitTime value to work for any value less than 0.3 seconds. We generally find that 0.5 second increments are sufficient for our tests.

You will need to set up one or more common methods in your SuperClass, such as getDocument(). If you haven’t set up a SuperClass and a Framework, start here:
Using the Find() Method
Setting up a SuperClass (for XDE but the principles largely apply to Functional Tester)

You will need to create a folder on your C drive called TestLogFiles or change the filepath in the java file to suit an existing folder of your own.

We have occasionally encountered the exception “No screen point found for object” if we run the same test several times in a row. No idea why this happens, but I’ll post details if we figure it out.