Actually moving to San Francisco

For reals this time!

Yes in June I’ll be moving from London to San Francisco. I’ll still be working at Google in much the same role, I’m just moving desks across the pond. I’m excited for the new opportunities that await. And happily, I’ll be about 10 hours’ flying time closer to my family in Australia, with a much nicer timezone overlap.

Thanks London for high tea at Forbes & Burton, drinks in the Science Museum,¬†ducks and geese on every menu, Rebel f**king Bingo, the Tube when it’s working right, the grand scale ping pong bar, the overwhelming temptations of Borough market, daffodils in the springtime, being classed as a “morning person” for being chipper at midday and for doing Christmas season the right way – by being too cold to do anything but stay in drinking mulled wine and eating Yorkshire puddings. And for teaching me the importance of orderly queueing and a good cup of tea. I’ll be sure to visit.

Hey again San Francisco. We both knew this was inevitable. See you soon.

4 thoughts on “Actually moving to San Francisco

  1. I’ll pray for you. I managed to escape the hellhole called San Francisco 11 years ago, for the great state of Texas, and I’ve never regretted it! I make HIGHER pay, NO state employment tax, the mexicans living here are tejanos (been here since before The Alamo) not illegal aliens. San Francisco is the faggotland of the west. If you aren’t a lesbian you won’t have all that much fun unless you decide to become a fag hag of course. Oh wait! You’re coming from Australia via London, so you too are a liberal. Then you will enjoy yourself, because you’re used to extremely high rent, even higher taxation. I would NEVER leave Dallas for Kalifornia ever again.

  2. Violet: please, don’t come back.

    Congratulations on the move! SF is a really great place to be.

  3. Congratulations on the move – it will be fun to have you in the same timezone. Good luck with the transition, and I expect to hear how it’s going once you get settled.

  4. YAY :)!!! So happy to hear you’ll be out here. Looking forward to hearing, reading and talking in person again about your continued adventures.

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