Foundations of Test Automation training course

I’m now offering live, interactive, online training in multiple timezones! My first course offering is Foundations of Test Automation. This course teaches how to:

  • Write end-to-end UI automated tests for web
  • Design robust and efficient automated tests
  • Translate manual test cases into automated test cases

Why Selenium and Ruby?

I hear a lot of testers ask “which tool should I use for test automation”? If these testers had the core skills for understanding test automation, they wouldn’t need to ask this question. That’s why I designed this course to focus on how test automation tools interact with each other, and the design of good automated tests. I don’t expect my students to use Selenium and Ruby for all of their automated testing. I expect them to use my teachings to choose the tool that’s right for the context in which they work.

I chose Selenium because it is still the foundation of the most popular testing tools used today. If you know how the foundation works, everything else is just going to be the foundation plus features.

I wanted to make this course accessible even for newbies to programming. I chose Ruby because it’s easy to learn, easy to read, and fun to use. Selenium does pretty much the same thing regardless of which programming language you use. As a programmer, you will need to use more than one programming language in your career and Ruby is a good place for newbies to start. I won’t be teaching Ruby in my course, but there are plenty of great free Ruby courses available online and beginner level Ruby skill is fine for this course.

Have you taught this course before?

Yes, I ran a trial of this course with two students and used their feedback to improve the course content. Overall the feedback was extremely positive. One of my students was so inspired by her new abilities that she started volunteering to fix small bugs at her workplace, much to the surprise of her development teams!

Is there a flyer that will help me convince my boss to pay for this?

Yes, you can download it from here.

What’s included in the course curriculum?

You can read the full details of the course, including curriculum, here.

Where can I sign up?

You can view sessions and register for the course here.

I hope you can join me for this course. I’m really enjoying being a teacher, and it’s so fun to get back into Ruby. For anyone who is worried about their Ruby skills, I am going to be offering some free tutorials in Ruby so watch this space.