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Rock solid testing without hiring an army

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This is my favorite talk that I’ve ever done. I presented it at the Business of Software conference in Boston last year. The audience were business people – company founders, CEOs, CTOs, folks like that. So it’s also the best description I have yet of the kind of work I do, aimed at people who […]

Test Management

Good reads

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Some books I’ve read that I found useful in my career and my life. The Logic of Failure: Recognizing And Avoiding Error In Complex Situations (Dietrich Dörner) One of my pet hates is when people try to oversimplify a complex problem in order to make it solvable. For example, “we’ll just automate everything through Webdriver and […]


Female technologists, let’s be heard

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As I do a lot of public speaking these days, I’m often amused to hear the feedback that I’m a “very natural speaker”. People are always surprised when I tell them that I used to be very shy. Actually “shy” doesn’t even cover it. Two years ago I reunited with my friend Masami, who is […]

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I knew exactly how she felt

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I went to a Women in IT event last night at Google Campus London designed to connect professional women in the IT industry to high school girls. Most of the girls I talked to were either interested in a different field, or were toying with the idea of computing as a backup plan. Then at […]