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I’ve now made it easier to follow this blog from your favourite social media platform.

Facebook Page – “Like” this page to follow me in your Facebook feed. Please don’t send a friend request to my personal account as I only use that account to connect with close friends and family. The Facebook Page is updated with public news and articles that I post to this blog.

Twitter – Follow @hogfish for updates from this blog, as well as my public thoughts on technology and other things.

Google+ – Does anybody still use this? If you do, you can follow this blog on Google+. I don’t use Google+ for anything else.

LinkedIn – I hesitate to mention this one. For the life of me, I still can’t work out if I should be adding people I don’t know on LinkedIn or not. LinkedIn says not to, but it seems to make very little difference. I am updating LinkedIn automatically with this blog but I’m unlikely to add you to LinkedIn unless I’ve already met you.